Learn the fundamental essantials of the Project Management as excercising in practice

About Mr Erhan EKER

Mr EKER, worked first as the project member for the Istanbul Stock Exchange Istinye Building (The current place) and then became the project manager of the "Electronic Trading System Project" of the same Organization, the project succesfully put in life in 9 mounths and it still works for the last 17 years.

Then Mr EKER became the manager of Information Systems Department and Stock Market Department respectively of Istanbul Stock Exchange. At his direction many different projects became alive  using the same project methodologies. He worked  also at  USA/Newyork wall street technology company Stratus/TCAM Group, giving after different spesific courses for the companies like Akbank, Garantibank, FEMCON; Logica, ISE.

He is a member of Istanbul Project Management Association and was a board member of the same Organization. Time to time giving some advices to the PMI to make the advicable standarts more simple level of management and control methods.  The book is still changing in this way year after year as more experiences and advices given from different part of the world.

Mr EKER, stands for the simple useful controlable methods and leadership methodology for the succes of the projects. As observing and some co-working, the world succesful and unsuccesful projects all over the world, his foundings are Japans deep pre-analysis, Eurepeans deep planning, States fast execution or vice versa like NASA's over hiearcyh and complexity giving difficult control and more omittings reversing the expectations, Turkish weak pre analyse, planning are giving the project more cost and more time to finish. Each culture has its own methods but fast changing and competing world, time and money is more and more important.

Mr, EKER- who is preparing a Project Management book- is now giving Project Management Theoratical and MS Project management course in practice.

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